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Giuseppe Santoro

Giuseppe Santoro

Senior Software Engineer at Elastic (aka Elasticsearch)

Welcome to my website! I’m really happy you stopped by.


Unravelling the Role of Content Delivery Networks in System Design
·1536 words·8 mins
System Design AWS Cloud computing
How to publish a post with the LinkedIn API
·1521 words·8 mins
Automation OAuth2.0 Open Graph protocol Programming
Scribus: the best free Adobe InDesign alternative
·1468 words·7 mins
Publishing Open-source
Observability Engineering with logs in Golang
·1298 words·7 mins
Observability Golang Logs Programming
Send emails from the command line
·1209 words·6 mins
CLI DevOps
CueLang: a better alternative for Kubernetes manifests
·965 words·5 mins
Kubernetes DevOps Containers