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About Giuseppe Santoro

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About me #

👋 Hi there! Welcome to my Blog. I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at Elastic (formerly Elasticsearch), immersing myself in an array of modern tech:

  • ☁️ Cloud Native
  • 🔍 Observability
  • 📦 Kubernetes & Containers
  • 🔄 DevOps
  • 💻 Golang
  • ☁️ AWS Cloud

Before Elastic, I put on a couple of interesting hats 💼. I was a Big Data Engineer at Playstation, transforming data into action 🎮. I also shared my knowledge as a Hadoop Trainer 🎓.

When I’m not coding, you’ll find me playing squash 🎾, enjoying PlayStation games 🎮, or out on a hike 🏞️. I believe in constant learning and have acquired several certifications like the 🏅 Certified Kubernetes Administrator and 🎖️ multiple Hadoop certifications.

Feel free to explore my articles and connect on Twitter if you’d like to discuss anything tech. Thanks for visiting! 👍

I’m also mentoring Software Engineers and DevOps Engineers on Mentorcruise. Feel free to check my profile by clicking the link below.


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